Braids: braid type flexible connectors

Flexible copper braid connections for electrical applications. Available in two formats: electro-welded ground braids and ground braids with terminals.

Data sheet: Braids: braid type flexible connectors

Copper braids are key components in the electrical and renewable energy sector due to their flexibility, durability and excellent conductivity. In the electrical sector, they are used in the wiring of electrical tablets and equipment, as well as in the connection of vibrating machine parts to electrical equipment without compromising electrical conductivity. In the field of renewable energy, copper braids are used in photovoltaic systems, wind turbines or charging stations for electric vehicles, among others.

Copper braids or flexible copper connections are the best solution for applications in installations where the electrical connection is subject to strong vibrations, as the braid absorbs the vibration and prevents its propagation. Our supply capacity allows us to offer our customers a wide and complete range of electrowelded braids or braids with terminals. They all have a tin-plated red finish and are available in round or flat format.

Red Tin
Both FLAT and ROUND braids are available.
Section: from 0,25 mm2 FLEXIBLE CONNECTORS WITH TERMINALS AVAILABLE Contact our sales department for more information about the extensive range of products we have to meet your needs.

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