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Lightning protection

Selection of non-ferrous metals for lightning protection.

Lightning conductors are essential elements for the protection of any building from damage caused by lightning strikes. They are made of specific metals that are characterised by their conductivity and durability properties. Lightning rods generally consist of three main components: the lightning rod – which receives the lightning strike, the conductor – which carries the current downwards, and the grounding – which dissipates the current into the earth to prevent damage. All of these are designed to ensure a direct and safe path for the lightning energy, minimising the risk of fire or possible structural damage.

At Bronmetal we have a wide range of products such as copper wire, copper bars, aluminium bars and copper cables suitable for use in electrical applications, such as the manufacture of lightning conductors. Copper has a high electrical conductivity which allows for efficient and fast transmission of the electrical charge of lightning to the ground. Aluminium, however, is very useful in applications where lightness is one of the factors to be taken into account.

Products for the electrical sector

Copper wire
Flat aluminium bar / rectangular bar
Tinned copper flat bars
Flat copper bar / rectangular bar
Bare copper cable