Sector Electric


Wide variety of non-ferrous metals used in the manufacture of transformers.

Transformers are essential devices in electricity distribution and transmission that allow the voltage levels of electrical energy to be adjusted for efficient and safe transport. This adjustment minimises energy losses and adapts electricity to different uses. In this sense, metals are essential components in the manufacture of transformers, where they play crucial roles in the structure, operation and efficiency of these devices.

At Bronmetal we have a selection of formats such as strips, sheets and plates available in copper and aluminium, as well as the possibility of selecting the part according to the drawing, which adapts to your needs. Copper and aluminium are two metals used in transformer windings. The difference is that copper is preferred because of its high electrical conductivity, but aluminium is a cheaper alternative that also serves its purpose in transformer manufacturing.



Products for the electrical sector

Drawing based copper pieces
Flat aluminium bar / rectangular bar
Aluminium strips
Bimetal overlay
Copper Clad Aluminium flat bar CCA
Copper tubes for electrical applications
Flat copper bar / rectangular bar
Copper strips