(Round bar, strip)

CuNi2Si copper alloy is an alloy of copper with a mixture of nickel and silicon. This alloy is mainly used in the aircraft industry, in the manufacture of components such as pistons, valves and tubes. This alloy has superior mechanical strength, excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and good fatigue resistance. It also offers good weldability, oxidation resistance and excellent sliding properties. In addition, this alloy is considered very versatile and is used in a wide range of industrial applications.

  1. CuNi2Si copper alloy is used to manufacture electronic components, solder heads, electrical contacts, insulators, food processing equipment, ship components, measuring equipment, telecommunication equipment, printed circuit boards, etc.
  2. This alloy is also used to manufacture machine parts, tools, safety devices, mechanical components, building structures, etc.
  3. This alloy is used to manufacture automotive components, engines, radiators, cooling equipment, furniture, plumbing products etc.
  4. t is used to manufacture high-strength connectors, pipes, control panels, stainless steel products, etc.
  5. This alloy is used to manufacture steel components, laboratory equipment components, safety equipment components, transportation equipment components, etc.