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CuS alloy is an alloy of copper and sulphur. This alloy is used to make specialised tools such as drills, as well as for the manufacture of electrical and electronic components. It is also used in the manufacture of bearings and seals. This alloy is a mixture of copper and sulphur, and is characterised by corrosion resistance, good resistance to mechanical fatigue, good shock resistance and good wear resistance. These characteristics make this alloy ideal for use in mechanical and electrical applications.

  1. Electrical cable manufacturing: Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, CuS copper alloy is used to manufacture high quality electrical cables for electrical power transmission.
  2. Pipe manufacturing: CuS alloy is used to manufacture pipes and conduits for domestic and commercial use. These pipes are corrosion resistant and pressure resistant.
  3. Valve manufacture: CuS alloy is used to manufacture high-performance, corrosion-resistant valves for industrial use.
  4. Liner fabrication: CuS alloy is used to manufacture coatings for a variety of industrial applications. These coatings are corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  5. Fixture fabrication: CuS alloy is used to make a variety of domestic appliances, such as plumbing, faucets, household appliances, power tools and kitchen utensils. It is also used to make some aircraft parts.