At BRONMETAL all decisions revolve around the customer. Offering the best service, in a close and personalised way with the utmost attention is our daily goal.

To do this, BRONMETAL has highly qualified personnel with experience in addressing the most complex needs of its customers, with facilities that have the latest advances in technology and a range of materials and stock that have allowed BRONMETAL to position itself as a benchmark in the supply of non-ferrous metals (copper, copper alloy, brass, bronze, aluminium and alloys).

At BRONMETAL, 3 main working tools have been developed:

Human capital

BRONMETAL mainly operates in the electrical sector as a supplier of semi transformed non-ferrous products, used for the generation, transformation and distribution of electricity, offering a global service in terms of product and flexible in terms of negotiation, the main capital being customer service through the commercial network and its branches.

An added value of availability of material, smaller batches, schedules, logistics, outsourcing management, management of the copper price and in-depth knowledge of the product. Knowing the customer in order to adapt to their true needs.