Sector Industrial


Selection of non-ferrous metals with decorative applications.

At Bronmetal we have a selection of formats manufactured in non-ferrous metals, such as copper, brass and bronze. These metals are widely used in the decoration sector due to their aesthetic properties, corrosion resistance and malleability:

● Copper is used in decorative items such as lamps, vases or mirror frames because of its warm colour and ability to develop a patina over time. In addition, it is also suitable for cladding elements such as bars or walls. Copper is an ideal material for decorative plumbing.
Brass is a metal that is widely used in fittings and lighting fixtures because of its golden finish. It can also be used in decorative details because of its characteristic colour.
● Finally, bronze has traditionally been used in the creation of sculptures due to its durability and the fine definition it allows in the detail of the works. In addition, it can also be seen in furniture accessories such as knobs, handles and table legs.

Products for the industrial sector

Bronze sheets
Brass tubes
Copper sheets
Brass sheets