Copper profiles

Copper profiles with a wide variety of alloys for electrical applications. We work to order and according to our customers’ drawings.

Data sheet: Copper profiles

Bronmetal specialises in the manufacture and distribution of copper profiles for electrical applications. In this sector, copper is a very important material and, for this reason, our products are made with high quality materials. In this case, we develop each profile according to the characteristics and needs that our customers tell us at the time of placing the order.

As far as the chemical composition is concerned, you will find details of all the alloys in the technical data sheet, as well as the electrical properties that refer to the volume resistivity, mass resistivity and conductivity. These properties are determined at a temperature of 20°C as this is a fairly common temperature in many regions and thus the performance of the copper profile is obtained under normal conditions.

Symbolic Numerical Symbolic Numerical
Cu-ETP CW004A E-Cu58 20065 C11000 CuA1 C101 C1100 Cu-ETP
Cu-OFE CW009A - - C10100 CuC2 C110 - Cu-OFE
Cu-OF CW008A OF-Cu 2.0040 C10200 CuC1 C103 C1020 Cu-OF
Cu-HCP CW021A Se-Cu 2.0070 - - - - -
Cu-PHC CW020A Se-Cu 2.0070 C10300 - - - Cu-HCP
Cu-PHCE CW022A - - - - - - -
CuAg0,10 CW013A CuAg0,10 2.1203 C10700 - - - -
CuAg0,04P CW014A - - C11904 - - - -
CuAg0,10P CW016A CuAg0,1P 2.1197 C11907 - - - CuAg0,1P
Cu-DHP CW024A SF-Cu 2.0090 C12200 CuB1 C106 C1220 -
Cu-DLP CW023A SW-Cu 2.0076 C12000 CuB2 - - Cu-DLP
CuTeP CW118C CuTeP 2.1546 C14500 CuTe 1336 C109 - CuTeP
CuFe2P CW107C CuFe2P 2.1310 C19400 - CW107C - -
Cu-S CW114C CuSP 2.1498 C14700 Cu-S 1336 C111 - Cu-S

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