Sector Electric

Bronmetal is specialized in the electrical sector where copper plays a relevant role. The electricity sector plays a key role in the technology and construction industry. It encompasses a wide range of products and systems designed for the generation, transmission and efficient use of electrical energy. This type of sector is particularly relevant in terms of sustainability and innovation with the development of technologies that facilitate the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The electrical equipment sector includes everything from cables and conductors that are used for the transmission of electricity, to switches and fuses that ensure the correct functioning of electrical installations. In addition to this, it also includes a wide range of equipment such as transformers, generators or lighting systems. At Bronmetal we have materials manufactured in different non-ferrous metals for the electrical sector – copper and alloys, aluminium, bronze and brass – which adapt to the needs depending on the type of subsector in which they are to be used. Find out all their specifications and choose the one that best suits your needs.  


Electrical use products
Switchboards – inverters – converters
EPC Fitters – substations
Lightning protection
Renewable energy


Copper Alloy