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Aluminium injection

Selection of non-ferrous metals for aluminium injection moulding applications.

Aluminium die casting is a manufacturing process that involves melting aluminium and then injecting it under pressure into a mould. This method is widely used to create complex, high-precision metal parts that are lightweight, strong and can be mass-produced efficiently. It is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction and others.

At Bronmetal we have a selection of copper alloys that are useful in the manufacture of moulds and components that require specific properties. The use of copper alloys in techniques such as aluminium injection improves thermal conductivity, thus favouring the cooling of the moulded part. They are highly resistant to wear and corrosion, extending the useful life of the moulds. In addition, they withstand high temperatures without losing mechanical properties. The integration of copper alloys in aluminium injection moulding processes can bring significant improvements in terms of mould performance and final component quality, adapting to specific needs.