This is a transition metal with a reddish colour and a metallic shine that is characterised by being one of the best conductors of electricity Its Density  is 8960 kg/m3 Copper is an eternal metal, it can be recycled over and over again  practically without harmful effects to its properties. We can use it to form alloys more freely than with most metals and with a wide variety of alloying elements. Copper is the third most used metal in the world, after iron and aluminium Did you know that… Archaeologists have found a portion of a copper pipe in the Pyramid of Cheops that is fit for use? Copper tools do not produce any sparks? The ships in which Columbus sailed to America had copper coatings to protect them from barnacles and other adherent life forms?

Foil shunt connectors
Hot-forged copper pieces
Drawing based copper pieces
Threaded / die-cut flat bars
Copper wire
Cooling equipment tubes
Cooling tubes for piping
Copper tubes for medicinal applications
Copper tubes for heat exchangers
Copper tubes for industrial applications
Grooved contact wire
Tinned copper flat bars
Round and square copper bars
Silver-plated copper flat bars
Braids: braid type flexible connectors
Copper sheets
Copper tubes for electrical applications
Flat copper bar / rectangular bar
Copper strips
Flexicopper: Flexible copper flat bars
Copper profiles
Bare copper cable

Related qualities

Copper Alloy